The heater in my office is not working

The heater in my office is not working.

  • I should have tried out the heater before the frigid weather hit to see if it would work, but it hasn’t been working for me the past couple of afternoons.

I am so upset because it gets really frigid in my little office part without that heater; Even though there is an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C vent in the office, heat doesn’t seem to get to the office part honestly easily. I am going to miss having my little heater in there. I looked online just to see how much a modern heater would cost, plus it is outrageous. I cannot imagine how much it would cost for me to buy a regular-sized heater because I was just looking at the little space boilers like I had, plus they were super expensive. I know the boilers would not be that expensive if you knew how much to expect them to cost. I thought that I could get a little space heater for like fifteen dollars, so when I saw the price tag on a heater that I was looking at, I was quite surprised. It was my own fault for just assuming that they were a particular price when I didn’t even research it. I really hope that I can find a used heater or something because I am sure that I will be really frigid in my office if I can’t find a heater soon. It is already frigid in my office, plus it isn’t even September yet. I can’t imagine how frigid it will be in that office without a heater in September or January.



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