The heated floor investment

Living in the cold is totally over for me.  I have lived all over this country while experiencing every imaginable weather scenario.  I’ve been snowed and frozen in at work for 6 mornings straight. And I’ve ridden out a few hurricanes plus a multitude of easters. The blaze of heat in the summertime in the desert is tough to handle.  As is the near total solitude of rural far west. But, for me, the worst is dealing with a Winter time which lasts at least 6 months long on average. And, it’s not just paying the Heating plus Air Conditioning gas furnace bill either. My biggest complication with all that cold is, I’m just not built for it.  I grew up in the south where the winters were mild in comparison to what I have experienced at other places. The two of us had a wood stove for a gas furnace. And you suppose what they say about wood stoves? They heat you up so much. Once, while cutting the wood plus then when the fire is blazing. Even the mild winters I grew up with are more than I want currently.  Thankfully, I live in the land of the heat pump now. And, I like my heat pump. It does a pretty good job of providing the best cool air while in the rugged summer. Our temps often hover in the upper 90’s for up to seven months. So, it’s imperative to have efficient, reliable cooling. The heat pump always comes through for me. Even when it gets cold in the Winter time months, it simply reverses cooling flow to supply me with heat.  What a bendy machine. What further impresses me is the fact that my heat pump can also heat my hot tub. There is a unique valve which uses the bulk of the wasted heat to really heat the water in my hot tub. Talk about a machine that simply does it all. And, I don’t have to stress about shoveling snow anymore.

heated flooring