The health club needs to get it together and get better quality of air

There is nothing I cherish more than the gym, i entirely cherish going to the gym and especially when my neighbor will come with me as well.

It is a great time at the gym… However, I do not approve when the gym cannot get it together.

You would guess being a gym they might have it together, but they entirely do not though. It is either consistently entirely sizzling or entirely cold. In the winter it seems to be rather too sizzling with the heat on, but during the Summer it is still too cold. They entirely blast the air conditioner. It is better in the Summer because I work so much that I get entirely warm. However, during the winter I get entirely sizzling and feel like I am entirely actually overheating. It is not cool at all. I would much rather be entirely cold in the Summer and work to get warm. I can control it more then. During this winter time though, I cannot help however get entirely warm. I guess they adjust the temperature more towards the workers than towards the people who work out there. If I were the owner of a gym, I would be more likely to take into consideration the people using the facility. You pay a lot of currency to go there so to have a disappointing Heating plus Air Conditioning system is completely inadequate at all. I do not want to pay a ton of currency to be uncomfortable in a gym. They might want to consider talking to a professional about their quality of air as it does not seem to be too great these afternoons.


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