The flu

There has been a bad flu going around for a couple of months now. It is knocking out everyone I know plus I am trying my best not to get sick. I don’t want to have to miss toil or anything like that. When my kids get in the car I make sure to have them wipe of their hands plus faces so they don’t bring any germs household with them. However, as difficult as I tried, I could not keep the flu from coming into our household plus within two afternoons our whole property was sick. No one could leave bed plus my pal and I were all coughing plus sneezing. My husband had the worst case plus I ended up having to drive him to the hospital. The dentist said he would be out of toil for at least three weeks. I cherish my husband however when he gets sick he starts to act like a child. Worst of all he makes me keep the control device in the property set to sixty-five degrees all morning long. The kids plus I are frosty to death because the a/c is blasting, however my husband loves it. He would have the a/c set to sixty if I would let him. However, I hate the frosty plus I wish my pal and I had the boiler running. I hate being sick, however being sick plus frosty is the worst feeling in the world to me. I feel I will have to endure the air conditioning while my husband gets better plus hope he doesn’t get used to the control device being set so low.



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