The end of the great control device confrontations

It’s funny how just something so small as a single control device can make for such a giant problem, but that’s the way it was in my office for the longest time, our supplier owned an seasoned building plus both of us all inspected 1 floor… It was a pretty giant space plus there were more than 60 of us working mainly in cubicles.

Of course, that seasoned building came with seasoned commercial HVAC plus just 1 control unit. It shouldn’t be too giant a surprise that 1 control device setting isn’t going to please 60 some weird people. But most of us did our best to deal with this situation individually! For instance, there were plenty of us that brought in our own space heating systems during the winter, then the commercial HVAC just never warmed up that space very well; And during the summer, there were small fans on just about every desk; Still, there were folks in our office who would literally get physical when it came to the control device setting. It was adore 2 weird camps warring against each other when it came to the control device setting, however honestly, it was silly that it had gotten to that point. Finally, management replaced the seasoned commercial HVAC with the latest in HVAC equipment. But it was the HVAC technology replace that actually made the difference. Once both of us got zone controlled HVAC in the office, it signaled the end of any more control device confrontations. And I for 1 was actually blissful to have that sort of drama out of my work day.



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