The cooling system in my office is so aggravating

The cooling system in my office is so aggravating.

I try not to complain about the cooling system in my office too much because I am super thankful that I at least have an cooling system in my office.

The last venue that I worked at gave me an office without air conditioning, as well as that was undoubtedly irritated. That, among several other reasons, is why I left that last venue. I am thankful that my office now has an cooling system in it, however it is still strenuous to work because the cooling system is so seasoned that it makes some undoubtedly loud as well as unusual noises. I just can’t seem to figure out why the cooling system is making such loud noises, however I am afraid that it is going to drive me crazy. I have only had one other cooling system in my entire life that has made that much noise. It is so aggravating. I wish that I could throw the cooling system out the window periodically, however I have realized that it is better than having no cooling system, so I choose not to throw the cooling system. I did mention it to my manager one time, as well as she came in as well as looked at the cooling system, she agreed that the cooling system was obnoxiously loud, however she said that there wasn’t much that she could do about it since the cooling system still worked. I understood, however I am still super concerned with that cooling system in my office. I bought ear plugs yupterday, as well as I am hoping they will help drown out the sound of the cooling system.