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Last year on New Years Eve, I had gone to a party to ring in the new year. The weather outside was cold as ever, and I actually and truly could not believe how cold the weather actually was for this time of year! Sure, in most areas of the world the temperature this time of year is freezing like mad. But where I live in the deep southwest, it should not be this cold. So, anyway, my point with this is the fact that when I walked into the house of the person who was throwing this new years party, it was almost freezing in there! I do not know what had happened or why, but it was obvious there was a major issue with the heating as well as air conditioning system! Could it be that they were just all so drunk already that someone by mistake may have flipped the air conditioning unit on instead of the heating? Even the guy who was throwing the party was a bit confused because he actually mentioned to me that he just had his heating and cooling system looked at, serviced as well as tuned up by a local heating and cooling professional from the local heating as well as cooling company! So, me and him both went to go look at the thermostat on the wall, and lo and behold, yep, it was exactly as I thought….some bozo actually turned on the air conditioning system and had it cranked down to 72 degrees!! So, at that point, he flipped the thermostat on the wall back to the heating setting, and within about an hour’s time, it was nice and warm.

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