The air quality of my home

When people build homes, they always know exactly what they want – well that was no exception for my husband and I when we recently built our home. He knew he cared about the garage and type of roof we had, while I cared about the kitchen, bathrooms and closet organization. The two of us consulted with our general supplier who also pointed out the importance of an HVAC system.  He mentioned that everything from the design of the heating/cooling component, HVAC duct as well as the location of the temperature control would impact our comfort, bills, and the homes health. He also advocated that we deal with a licensed HVAC professional who has expertise in the correct sizing and placement of the equipment. My husband and I were rather surprised by all of the decisions we needed to make.  There are a wide variety of options for heating and cooling out on the market these days – the two of us looked into boilers, heat pumps, forced air oil furnaces, central cooling as well as ductless models. The two of us eventually decided on a forced air gas oil furnace plus central cooling which would utilize a duct system. The HVAC professional designed and constructed the duct plan plus maintained the replacement and even sealed the seams.  He made sure that all of the registers and vents were located properly to optimize airflow, comfort and mainly efficiency. The HVAC professional also worked closely with the general contractor to ensure the project did not get behind schedule – we were so excited to see the quality features and perfect performance of our heating and cooling system. We love how evenly heated/cooled our home feels and not having a large monthly bill.

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