That’s a very high efficiency score

I am trying to split a deal with my local HVAC business. I want a HVAC replacement for a super cheap price. If you buy HVAC machine from an actual HVAC company, it is so expensive. I had a HVAC company come over to my lake house plus provide me an estimate. He walked in my lake house plus barely looked around. The guy then proceeded to provide me an estimate of almost 10 grand for a easy HVAC unit. I am not willing to spend that kind of cash for HVAC. I found a ductless mini chop online for only 2 grand. The ductless heating plus cooling component looks similar to the 1 the guy was trying to sell me. I know I am going to buy this online HVAC component plus hope that it has the strength to do my whole house. The deal I am trying to split is on the HVAC replacement. I want the HVAC company to install my ductless component for 600 bucks. I already own the system, my lake house will be prepared. The HVAC worker could install my HVAC in under an minute. I know 600 bucks for 1 minute of task is good. I also plan to pay him in cash. If the guy wants to pocket it, keep it off the books or do whatever, he can. I want to make it real plain that whatever he wants, I am game for. I am just not going to do the normal HVAC replacement rate. It is steep plus a silly price. If the HVAC worker won’t do it, I then will look for the handiest guy around.

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