That was my intention

My guy Raymond used to be on the wrong side of the law. I think back then I liked boys who were considered to be awful kids. He used to sell all kinds of stolen merchandise and I don’t like to say that sometimes he would even steal the merchandise himself. I don’t like to admit that he was a thief and a criminal, but he easily was a single. But then I came along and he decided that he wanted to become a straight shooter, so to speak. He did end up going to jail on some outstanding warrants however once he got out, he got a job at a local heating and A/C company as an apprentice and general laborer. I think this unique Heating and A/C company was willing to job with people who had a record, and boy, were the people I was with and I excited that they gave him a chance. That’s because Raymond found that he easily had a knack for the heating and AC business. He easily became somewhat of a prodigy when it came to gas furnace service and repair. Eventually, the director of the Heating and A/C corporation ended up sending Raymond out on all of the oil gas furnace and the electric gas furnace service and repair works. These days, after a few years on the job as an Heating and A/C repair corporation, Raymond is a single of the most tolerable and forthcoming boys I know! I trust him implicitly and I don’t think he will ever go back to his aged ways of doing business. I hope that he will end up being a gas furnace corporation for a long, long time.

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