That really is my story

To be honest, I was not even close to being prepared for the change of seasons this year. Not that I typically am excited for the change in season and for it to get chilly instead of being incredibly warm out, but I just really spaced the changes all together. It felt  like all of a sudden, it was 90 degrees and humid out, and then within a matter of two days, it was quickly 35 degrees outside each day! As hard as I tried to find the enthusiasm for the changing of the seasons, I just couldn’t get into the groove for fall. Unfortunately, because of that, I forgot to do any fall and winter prep that had to get done, such as raking up the leaves or picking up leaf bags which really through us off whack for our landscaping care. But secondly, I honestly forgot all about the existence of our gas furnace during the weeks that we relied only on AC; that being said, I did not even realize the fact that I needed to have a professional HVAC technician stop by to inspect our old heating equipment. We normally have the system checked at least once a year to make sure the system is working at tip top notch; this time, I totally blanked on this routine HVAC task and before I knew it, the outdoor air temperature had dropped below 40 something degrees and I idiotically switched the heat on. After about an hour of being incredibly warm and toasty, I realized I was in for it. The furnace started making very noisy, and uncomforting sounds, and soon, there was no heat whatsoever. That sure helped me acclimate to the chilly fall weather since it became so frigid inside of my house.

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