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Winter is the most romantic season of them all. When I met my boyfriend, it was the summer time and everyone was enjoying the heat. I like the sunshine but I feel much better when I can put on a pair of boots and a cozy sweater. As soon as the fall comes around, I am ready to adjust my thermostat to fire up my furnace and relax in my house comfortably. I know it seems silly to be anxious to turn on my furnace and increase a bill but the furnace in my house produces a controllable, lovely heat. It’s not overbearing and exhausting like being out in the sun. When I’m snuggled up with my boyfriend, we are able to talk about many things and enjoy one another in a way that only enjoying the beauty of a winter night can bring. I love the winter so much, I decided to have a HVAC technician install a SMART thermostat. That would allow me to control the temperature in my house no matter where I am. All I need is my phone to turn up the heat in my house while I’m away if the day is colder than I thought it would be. Not only am I able to control the heat settings in my house with my new SMART thermostat, I will be alerted to a problem instantly. That means I will not have to go come to a freezing home if there is an issue. I can call in the moment and get a HVAC technician scheduled as soon as I can. All these novel experiences reconfirm my love of the winter.

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