That could be a problem

I decided I wanted to open a small Dunkin Donuts Latte shop and bakery in my hometown, however I spent nearly 8 months checking out possible locations before finding the perfect spot. I took out a loan to purchase an older, brick building on Main Street. Then, although the building had been left vacant and neglected for nearly several years, I just enjoyed the the obvious history of the space. I knew that with a bit of effort, I could restore the hardwood floors, immense picture windows, and intricate millwork! Plus, the building included a nice sized parking lot, and the price was right. I was smart enough to invest in a building inspection and l gained that there were some problems with the heating, cooling, electric and plumbing systems. The electrical wiring required upgrades to meet code. Some plumbing pipes, drains and fixtures needed to be upgraded. The building inspector pointed out that the heating and cooling system showed signs of wear and tear and was over fifteen years old, but he should have told me that the heating and cooling system was a complete mess and total loss. I was under the impression that a thorough cleaning and tuning from an HVAC company would restore operation. Then when I hired an HVAC professional, I was told that the duct system was providing a nice home to mice, bees, squirrels and mold. All of the seams had separated, and there were holes throughout. Both the heating and cooling system was rusted, unsafe and inefficient. The HVAC company strongly recommended me to upgrade the whole HVAC system.