Stopping sand from getting into the HVAC

When I planned to move to a desert state for a current job, I wasn’t expecting the degree of transitions I would face from afternoon 1.  Growing up in the sizzling as well as humid southern US was nowhere near sufficient to prepare myself and others for the 110 degree days that would greet myself and others on random July as well as September days with little to no cloud cover in sight.  I changed our biweekly wardrobe choices as well as limited our time outdoors on afternoons when I knew it would be particularly intense. Although I seem to eventually catch a chop regarding the outdoor temperatures while I was in several times of the year, what I can’t seem to ever escape regardless of the season is sandstorms.  They come on with little warning if you aren’t following weather forecasts closely all hours of the afternoon, as well as if they’re serious enough it becomes next to impossible to even drive a few miles down the road. The visibility often hits zero when a particularly strong 1 rolls through our city. Unfortunately, there was 1 day that I left the lake house with numerous of our windows down as well as was caught in a sandstorm while shopping at the grocery store.  Although I was able to take shelter in the store for an hour while waiting for it to pass, our lake house wasn’t as lucky. My air conditioner had been running while the windows were open as well as pulled in a lot of outside air as well as a considerable amount of sand. I found it on surfaces near the windows as well as all over the floor. But worst of all was finding it in our air return as well as eventually the air handler after our Heating as well as Air Conditioning worker opened it to take a look.  Thankfully he was able to scrub out the sand before it disfigured the evaporator coil as well as I was able to handle the rest of the sand around the house. I suppose now to always keep our lake house shut up whenever a sandstorm is passing through.

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