Being a roadie for assorted rock and roll bands is something that I have been doing for the last twenty five years. It can become a tough job all around. Sure, you may think it is fun and games, but this is not the case at all times. When you are going around from city to city, state to state and sometimes even small town to small town, it can get to be a work out on the body! Especially with the seasons changing and being different in all parts of the united states of america, which is where I am from and work with the bands. For instance, in the southwest area of the united states of america, it is very much needed to have air conditioning at nearly all times! The HVAC system in the tour bus, the HVAC system in the hotels, and most of all, the HVAC system in the enclosed stadiums in the southwest are very important to even have the bands be able to play and put on a show! I do recall one time we arrived at an enclosed stadium in the southwest where the air conditioning was completely out! They had an HVAC specialist there working on it day and night till it was fixed. In the end, the concert was almost canceled. But, thankfully, the heating and cooling company got the stadium HVAC system up and running just one hour before showtime! It was really nothing short of a true born miracle to be one hundred percent honest!

HVAC system