Skunk stink circulating through the vents

My hubby and I live on a giant farm in the middle of nowhere.

My pal and I have lived here for multiple years and entirely cherish living a easy life.

My pal and I are surrounded by plants and critters which is good for our kids to be around. My pal and I thought the biggest issue we would have is the occasional deer that eat some of my plants in the garden. However, we woke up in the middle of the evening to the most bad stink two evenings ago. I didn’t know what the stink was however I had a feeling it was a skunk. I know that seems undoubtedly certain, however if you have stinked a skunk once you won’t forget it easily. I had my hubby go down into the basement to find the source of the stink. He came back up abruptly saying there was a hole in our HVAC duct that the skunk must have gotten in through, however now the Heating and A/C system was circulating the stink throughout the whole house. I knew that I was going to have to call an Heating and A/C business to come out and wash the HVAC duct now. The stink of the skunk is going to linger in the Heating and A/C system if we don’t take care of the issue abruptly. I called the Heating and A/C business right when I woke up the next day to come out and wash the HVAC duct. Hopefully, the stink doesn’t linger for too long now because it is one of the worst stinks ever!



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