Shivering in the cold weather

Carnivals never really interested me, even as a kid. They were really warm in our village while I was in the summer, and the pun is totally intended, because they were genuinely warm indeed! In fact, the excessive heat of our summers is the principal problem with myself and others getting any enjoyment out of the carnival. That is, if there was any enjoyment to be had. The deranged games are clearly rigged, the rides always looked outdated and rickety and downright deadly, at least to me, and the fried foods and cotton candy always made myself and others sick. Without any form of air conditioning, a generally unpleasant experience turned into hell. Even while I was in the evening when it was supposed to be cooler, the humidity and heat would still reign supreme. The few times that our friends or parents dragged myself and others to the carnival, I was desperate to find some air conditioned spot to hide and cool off in. Often times, one of the only air-conditioned areas was a small building that contained the lavatories that almost everyone used. I was often torn between having to go outside into the heat and lingering just a little longer in those dirty lavatories to take advantage of the chilly air. It was honestly being stuck between a rock and a difficult location. I did not visit a usual amusement park until I was 17 years old, and carnivals had turned myself and others off to the prospect. Thankfully, the amusement park that I ended up visiting was a much better experience then the carnival of our youth.There were plenty of attractions that were indoors and air-conditioned!

indoor comfort