SEO helped me get on the first page

I have owned my heating and AC repair business for 10 years.

During the first couple of years that I was in business, I struggled with my advertising budget.

I paid a lot of money to advertise in magazines and newspapers and the advertisements were not translating into dollars. I needed to find a way to improve sales and a website was the first thing that I thought about. I didn’t have a very good website for my heating and AC repair business, but I do have a couple of places that were willing to do the work for a small fee. I contacted an advertising company online that I did business with earlier that year and I told them that I was thinking about having a website created for the heating and AC repair business. The marketing and advertising company was happy to give me lots of information on ways that they could help. Not only were they happy to create a new and updated website for the heating and AC repair business, but they were also willing to help with search engine optimization. Search engine optimization increases the chance that you will be higher in the search engine results. Higher ranking beads increased visibility and that will translate into money in the bank. I agreed to let the advertising and marketing company take over the website and in less than a year I am right on the first page of google. SEO from that web marketing company absolutely helped get me on the first page. Sales have doubled since we began regularly marketing online.

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