Schedule HVAC tune ups

My husband and I got married three years ago.

It was important for us to be married for a while before we had children.

We wanted to travel the world and had dreams to accomplish before we added the cost of children into our lives. So about six months ago we decided it was the right time to go ahead and try and have our first child. I am so excited to say that we are expected a little boy this summer! I am so thrilled to be a mom and know my husband can’t wait to be a father either. I started reading pregnancy books just like any expecting mother does. I wanted to have the whole house ready when they baby came so we wouldn’t have to worry about anything but caring for our child. One of the most important things I read was to make sure your HVAC system was ready, this was something I definitely didn’t even consider before. I read there are several steps you need to take to insure that your system is ready. The first is to have an HVAC technician come and look at the home and make sure that everything is working properly. Once you do this you need to make sure to schedule preventative appointments with an HVAC company. After doing this you have to make sure the air filter for you air conditioner is changed at least every couple of months to avoid mold and dust going through your home and disturbing the new baby. I am so happy that I read all of these tips before I gave birth!

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