Refugees Have to Learn All About Our Culture, Especially Conveniences Like A/C and Heating

My friend, Ingrid, used to work for a charitable agency, and she worked regularly with refugees who have found their way to this country.

It was quite rewarding work for her, and she really loved it.

I think I would love it, as well, but the only problem is that the salary is very low. Anyway, the reason it is such a cool job is because you are able to help people who truly need help and have back stories that are amazing examples of the triumph of the human spirit. The refugee system is a difficult one to go through, and very few people realize what it is like. Some people live in refugee camps for up to twenty years just trying to get somewhere safe. When refugees arrive here, they have to learn all about our culture, and especially they have to discover our conveniences like a/c and heating. One lady was discovered heating water on the stove, carrying it to the bathroom, and washing her clothes in the bathtub; she was amazed that there was a water heater in the house! She had never seen a washing machine and also could not believe that there is such a thing as a special heater just for water. In addition, she had never in her life seen or used an HVAC system. She had to be taught what the thermostat is and what it is for. She had to be shown how the a/c works in the summer. At first, she didn’t want to use it, but the landlord explained that she must in order to keep mildew under control. When winter came, the heater was a blessing for her, and she literally cried when she was able to have a heater to warm her baby.


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