Putting the problems behind me

When I grew up as a young one, I would see stories all the time on the news about whole houses and even city blocks going up in flames from faulty section heaters. I was so afraid of them that I avoided using them for the longest period of time. I never trusted that they could be safe or worthwhile, then wouldn’t they just run up the light bill? And at that point, where you even saving any hard earned money? Well here I am over ten years later with a section heating system of my own, & I have to admit, I truly love this little thing. I spent weeks researching both what to buy & how to use it. The key with any section heating system is to make sure you have reasonable electricity & space. The section heating unit should be at least three feet from any walls or furniture at all times. This enables it to have a healthy flow of air to job respectfully, just like an outdoor AC condenser! As for electricity, the section heating system should only be plugged into a grounded outlet in the residence. An electric furnace should never ever be plugged into an extension cord or an outlet adapter. Even the most energy efficient models still need a lot of wattage to run, & need to be respectfully grounded for that flow of energy. I specifically purchased a section heating system with an automatic shut off in case of overheating. It also turns itself once it reaches the needed temperature so it’s never running for more than it has to. These new section heating units are so efficient that I’m saving lots of money on my oil heating system use, without hurting the light bill.

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