Portable A/C is what I need

Living in the north, a central cooling plan for the house is a luxury rather than a necessity.

Our summer time seasons are short and after the long winter, it’s nice open windows; I look forward to some fresh air and lower utility bills, however short the summer, we still get hot and cold temperatures in the eighties and nineties, and the humidity is downright brutal, and the house can get so boiling that it’s difficult to breathe, and every one of us spend the whole day perspiring and uncomfortable and it’s nearly impossible to sleep at night.

The alternative to a central cooling plan is portable A/Cs. In recent years, advancements in technology has led to some powerful yet compact options. Modern window cooling units operate quietly and are surprisingly energy efficient. They are lightweight and easy to install. The advantage is the low price, and rather than spend thoUSAnds on a whole-house cooling system, I bought a portable A/C for each of the kitchens. I made sure to take advantage of sales and rebates and was able to purchase the A/Cs for a little over a hundred dollars a piece. Every one of us only run the cooling systems while in the night and our kitchens are perfectly cool! Plus, we can personalize the temperature setting separate from affecting anyone else. The A/Cs operate from a cordless remote which is super convenient. Every one of us can adjust temperature, fan speed and even humidity levels separate from ever getting out of bed. The only downside is finding a locale to store the A/Cs over the winter. I’ve set aside an section of the attic for the cooling units.

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