Our heater is so dirty

I do not recognize if I’ve ever been so sick in our entire life! Well, I’ve been in worse conditions before, however I’ve never been sick for so long in our life, but i swear to you it’s been at least two weeks now.

  • I’ve been suffering from a sniffling nose, poor cough, and had pressure for all that time.

I have no plan what has going on, however it feels love I have a poor head cold every morning when I wake up, but as far as I know, viruses cannot last this long, so surely there has something else going on. I seen numerous doctors and they just keep telling myself and others that I have a viral infection. I just do not believe them. At this point I am trying all sorts of Remedies trying to maintenance this, then recently, I realized that I might have forgotten a major aspect of our respiratory health. I completely forgot about our indoor Heating plus Air Conditioning system, however living in this section of the country, I run our heating and cooling system nearly every day, however that being said, I do not remember to have our Heating plus Air Conditioning system officially maintained by a heating and cooling specialists love I should. With all of that quarterly USAge, I recognize that our Heating plus Air Conditioning system has to be filled up with a lot of dirt and debris. There has to be tons of creature dander and debri cottaged inside of our air ducts, then stupidly, I’ve just forgotten that all of this Heating plus Air Conditioning infrastructure even existed inside of our walls. So long as the thermostat worked and I could hear the AC device turn on every night, I haven’t thought about our Heating plus Air Conditioning system for 1 hour, then clearly our lungs haven’t felt the same.

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