Need for weather conditions control to save my creation

When I was a child I simply enjoyed spending time in the family room with my Grandma.

Whether it was preparing breakfast or baking some luscious creation I did not want to be someplace else.

It was no surprise that when I finished private school I wanted to attend to The Culinary Institute to go into some sort of restaurant work… During my time there I realized that my true passion was baking as well as I decided to open up a small bake shop of my own once I graduated. That was a few years ago as well as now I specialize in wedding cakes as well as I try to make them as particular as the couple themselves, but as you can imagine some of them come up with some deranged ideas as well as I tried to make them cheerful. The largest challenge in creating these works of art is moveing them to the locale where the couple will be having their reception. Not only do I have to have a vehicle that can house them but I also need to make sure that the temperature is just perfect both in the vehicle as well as at the locale. Some of these cakes are actually intricate as well as have thousands of handmade flowers made of frosting as well as even the slightest change in temperature can cause them to melt. During the winter time it is a bit easier because I don’t have to worry about refrigeration but on tepid summer time days, it can be a large problem… My buddy and I consistently make sure to have the HVAC system on the van maintenance to because my friend and I can’t afford to travel across city as well as have the cakes ruined. I also make sure to check with the locale ahead of time to make sure they either have a sizable enough cooler for me to put the cake in or that they have satisfactory weather conditions control to keep it safe.

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