My number one arena to be is by the air conditioning

My number one arena to be is by the air conditioning.

I know that may sound actually funny, although I actually do cherish being by the air conditioning.

Whether I am at church, home, or work, I cherish to lay or be near the air conditioning, but at work, I asked my boss if I could rearrange my office space so that my desk was directly in front of the vent for the air conditioning, plus she told me that I could, although she warned me that I may get too cold. Well, she didn’t know me truly well back then because I rarely ever get cold. It has to be about ten degrees or lower outside for me to actually feel cold. I know that I am crazy, however that is just me. At home, I keep my house at about fifty-eight degrees year round. If my house ever gets above sixty-five degrees, I am pouring sweat plus I do not like it. I actually am super thankful that I have a central air conditioner at house because I don’t know what I would do separate from my air conditioner. I would really just die of a heat stroke. When I am at church, I lay right in front of the air conditioning vent as well. It is so nice. I don’t have to worry about dripping with sweat plus a ton of people seeing that horrific sight. I basically run from the building to my air conditioned automobile when I am done with work or church because I do not like being outside in the heat! Needless to say, I cherish air conditioning.

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