My local grocery store is now carrying small window air conditioners

My favorite grocery store, which happens to be only five minutes down the road, is charming little shop built in the 1950s.

  • The design of the ceiling and the layout of many of the ailes harken back to that bygone era.

It’s a warm and comforting store that never feels over crowded or short of competitive prices. I buy all sorts of meats from their deli—be it cold cuts, ground beef, pork tenderloins, and lots of white meat chicken. They also have phenomenal cookies from their bakery that I treat myself with every few weeks. But the other day I saw something truly shocking sitting on one of their shelves. It was a small window air conditioner, from the same exact brand that my hardware store carries. Granted, they only had one size—the smallest; however, it was a bonafide heating and cooling machine. And the price point at just $150 is unbelievable. If I was living in a small apartment alone, I can’t think of a better deal for keeping your home cool. The maintenance is relatively easy and the operation is a complete breeze, no pun intended. Not to mention, many of the devices built today come with remote controls, this particular AC included. If you want something stronger or bigger, all you have to do is contact the manufacturer and locate one of their licensed dealers nearby. But for most applications, this particular machine seems up to the challenge. It’s just really hard to beat a deal like that, especially on a big ticket item like a full air conditioner. The savings on the purchase can be put towards a good quartz space heater, also with remote control operation.

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