My HVAC system needed attention and I did not remember to eat dinner

Sometimes when I workout I end up getting really hungry.

I might even eat everything in sight. it is hard for me not too. I just get so hungry. I could eat a whole elephant and still be hungry. I don’t know why this is. It never seems to go away unless I go to bed. I usually go to bed instead of eating everything in sight. It doesn’t make me feel as bad about myself. When I came home from the gym to eat dinner, I had realized something. My house was really hot. It was just as hot inside of my house as it was outside of my house. This was odd since I had air conditioning. I was worried the whole system was broken. Something was obviously wrong. I called an HVAC business so that maybe they could help me. They said the best way they could help me was to send an HVAC technician to my house. It was easiest to see the problem first hand. He arrived at my house and looked at the system. He said that there was a refrigerant leak in the system. It would need to be repaired and refilled in order for the system to work properly. I was so worried about getting my air conditioning to work again that I did not eat at all that night. I knew that not eating was not healthy either. My HVAC system took priority over eating so that I could be comfortable in my own home. My HVAC system was fixed and after that I went to bed.

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