My grandma enjoyed the air conditioning

My grandma lives on a farm in the country. For a woman of seventy odd, she manages her farm, animals and other attendant duties very well. She is always happy for us to visit and we enjoy open air atmosphere and being in such close touch with nature. We would all feel more comfortable if Grandma would agree to come live with us in the city, but that is not likely to happen;  at least not for now.

                  So our next option is to buy her a HVAC unit. Grandma is asthmatic and being alone out there when she gets an attack is very dangerous. The improved air quality supplied by an efficient HVAC unit may not cure her of asthma but breathing clean, pure air should make her attacks fewer and much less intense. Fortunately, a HVAC technician lives on the farm next door to Grandma’s, so we have asked him to check on her occasionally, as well as to install the HVAC unit we will be buying her next week. With that technician so close by, he can service the AC unit as well as see to any repairs which may be required.

               Grandma is a strong, stubborn person who likes doing things her own way. For ages she has used only fans and a fireplace as climate control devices in her home. It is wonderful to be able to provide her with something better, in the form of a new HVAC unit. We still hope for the day when she will finally decide to pack up, leave her farm and come live with us. Till then, she will at least be enjoying great indoor air quality.

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