My dog chewed a hole in my wood fireplace

I really love dogs, but I do not like having dogs in my house.

It is not that I want them to just be chained up all of the time, but I do like it when they have a large dog home & fenced in section outside to stay, but growing up, my associate and I always kept our dogs outside. They had their own little two story home that my dad built them. It was insulated & warm. They did not mind staying in it. We brought them inside every once in awhile, however my associate and I mostly played with them outside, then my partner does not like having the dogs outside, so she insists on them being inside the house. We have two really sizable dogs, & they like to chew things. I don’t believe that I will ever have anything nice until those dogs are gone. One of them chewed a hole through my fireplace yeahterday. I was so mad that I almost put them up for adoption. I do not know which one it was because they both looked pretty guilty. I just got that fireplace last year for my birthday, & I loved it. It still works, however it looks so homely now. They literally chewed a immense hole in the side of it. The fireplace is made mostly of wood, & it just will never look the same again. My partner said that she can try to fix it up, but I believe that I just want a whole modern one. It honestly makes the living room feel more cozy & homey, & I would like another one as soon as possible.

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