Moved to a variable climate

I’ve regularly lived in warm plus sunny California, where the weather is steady plus predictable.

Every day is a joy to be outdoors plus it’s self-explanatory to condition your property for the climate, with little concern for natural disaster or wild temperature changes.

I didn’t realize what a blessing this all was until I moved to the midwest last year. Every single day the weather has been unpredictable plus challenging to deal with. Every season is unpleasant in it’s own particular way plus the wear plus tear on your house is out of this world. It’s also incredible how much currency you spend on your Heating plus Air Conditioning system all year round. Not only do you require hefty AC during the Summer to compensate for the heat plus humidity every single day, but for the other 7 months of the calendar year you are doomed to operate the boiler. The weather is highly variable plus in the same week you might fluctuate between operating your HVAC units repeatedly. The boiler seems like it’s running dawn to dusk when it’s cold outside, plus even then your indoor air temperature is barely satisfactory. You might have to supplement certain rooms additionally with extra space heaters to make up for drafts. In the Summer time you will rely on your air conditioning heavily, plus truly have to invest in more than 2 powerful fans to create better air flow anyways; All year round you are changing the control unit plus wasting energy to temporarily make your property livable. I’ve never spent so much on energy in my life.