Many people don’t know the difference between HVAC suppliers and Repair services

Many people sometimes don’t understand when it comes to the world of HVAC, there is an actual difference between the terms HVAC dealer & HVAC service & replacement.

The HVAC dealers are the ones that only sell heating & cooling appliances, however it is a rare thing that you find an HVAC dealer that has certified heating & air conditioner appliance specialists on hand to service central heating & air conditioner appliances, or any kind of HVAC products for that matter.

Many people will argue with you that they are the same thing, however trust me, HVAC dealers are not HVAC service & replacement providers. I easily came to learn this fact back when I was fresh out of school & was working for a local HVAC appliance corporation. They would always talk about ordering more heating & cooling appliance products from an HVAC dealer. It turned out that the HVAC dealer is the one that deals in getting the heating & cooling companies their HVAC equipment. Most often, the general public doesn’t even go to an HVAC appliance dealer, as they are reserved for the companies. That is the true meaning of an HVAC dealer. If anybody tries to argue with you about this, you can let them know that you heard it from somebody who is an HVAC appliance specialist! I go to the HVAC dealer for the heating & cooling appliance business I happen to work for at least three times a year to get various odds & ends, also to make orders for heating & air conditioner appliances. The HVAC business is a rather tricky thing when it comes to terms being used. Try not to let it fool you!



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