Love having hydronic heating in the home

In the space where I live, the Wintertime season is the priority.  The frosty weather tends to last about more than seven weeks, with uneven temperatures frequently dropping into the disadvantage digits and a tremendous amount of snow.  Having a powerful, reliable and energy efficient heating plan is a priority. My cabin is outfitted with a condensing boiler, which actually handles the most harsh Wintertime conditions.  The boiler is a compact unit located in the basement that is linked to a series of pipes hidden beneath the floor of the home. The pipes create a closed plane that loops and carries heated water to every room.  The heat is spread evenly across the floor, from wall to wall and corner to corner. Rather than blowing heated air, the heat is infused into the air, keeping the highest uneven temperatures closest to the floor.  There is easily little temperature stratification between the floor and the ceiling. Plus, the radiant floors avoid the problem of drafts, frosty spots and the influx of air contaminants. The equipment is actually hidden beneath the floor, taking up no living space and never detracting from aesthetics.  I don’t need to arrange our furniture to accommodate vents. The radiant floors are actually silent, require no repair and allow lower control unit settings than a conventional forced air gas furnace. They also accommodate zoned heating, so that I can customize comfort room to room. It is such a joy to get out of bed on a frosty Wintertime day and set our bare feet on warm floors.  The only downside of the plan is that it doesn’t offer cooling capability. In our local area, I’ve never needed air conditioning.

hydronic heater