Looking into different models of thermostats

I am constantly making home improvements.

I like to paint rooms, buy new furniture and install new light and plumbing fixtures.

I enjoy focusing on little details such as light switch plates, plants and throw pillows. Along with making my home more aesthetically pleasing, I hope to create a comfortable and healthy living space. Just recently, I started looking into a new thermostat. My thermostat was an ancient plastic model that required manual adjustment. It allowed me to raise or lower the home’s temperature and nothing more. There was no ability to set a program, making it difficult to conserve energy. If I adjusted the thermostat before my family left the house for the day, we then returned home to either very chilly or overheated conditions. I often forget to make the adjustment and then ended up paying to maintain an empty home at the perfect comfort level. A new thermostat seemed like a home improvement that would pay for itself. I started researching the various models of smart thermostats on the market as was amazed by the many options. Modern thermostats are available in all different shapes and sizes. They are quite attractive, very streamlined and include touchscreen interfaces. There are certain models that offer learning capability. For the first week after installation, the thermostat keeps track of all of the adjustments and creates a program accordingly. There are models that include occupancy sensors in each room and offer zone control. A feature called geofencing allows the thermostat to track the location of each family member’s smartphone. It then knows to adjust the temperature to welcome everyone home to perfect comfort.



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