Looking for a new camper

My husband and I have a strong love for camping.

We spent a lot of time camping when we were first dating.

However, we had kids and we put camping on the back burner when we had kids. Now that are kids are older and not living at home anymore, we thought it would be nice to start camping again. So we started our hunt for a new camper. When we were younger we would just use a tent, but we think it’s time to upgrade our camping experience. So we started looking for a used camper, but we wanted to make sure that whatever camper we got had a good HVAC system. We didn’t want to get a great deal on a new camper, but not have a great working HVAC system. So we started to think about getting a brand new camper. I did a lot of research on campers and HVAC systems because I wanted to make sure that I was well informed before we spent that much money. My husband and I finally decided on the type of camper that we wanted and we decided to finally take the plunge. I am so happy that we decided to get a brand new camper because the HVAC system is amazing! I think my husband and I are going to make some really great memories in this camper and we will have a great HVAC system along for the ride.


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