Lightning storm broke my temperature control

I live in a somewhat safe region, as far as natural disasters go.

My associate and I don’t live near the sea, so there has no threat of hurricanes or tsunamis.

I’m nowhere near any fault lines, so my friend and I don’t ever experience earthquakes of any magnitude; Overall, the only things my friend and I have to watch out for are blizzards and tornados from time to time. That’s why it was so frightening when a bolt of lightning struck my house. It didn’t hurt me or my creatures, luckily, however it did actually demolish my Heating and A/C system. It was a pretty stormy night even though I felt secure in my large outdated house, until a immense crack of lightning broke the silence and my household went dark… When the power came back on, the A/C unit did not. I went outside to check the equipment out, however the central cooling component appeared to be fine. There were no burn marks or broken branches around the a/c, so I went back inside. I flipped many fuses, thinking that the air conditioning might simply need to be reset, however still did not hear the trust A/C kick into gear. Finally, I called out an Heating and A/C professional to take a look at all the central cooling equipment for me. After a few minutes of poking around outside, he pinpointed the real problem inside. My temperature control had been shocked by the lightening bolt and the inner toilings were completely fried. I had to spend $200 on a brand new temperature control system that afternoon, all because of a little static electricity.

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