Lebron was instructed to get the HEPA filters for their system

Lebron was missing a crucial thing when he went to live in the loft.

That was such a great achievement because he finally bought this place. It was a little bit of a fixer upper, so Lebron made time for working on renovations plus multiple repair work around the rooms. This made him forget about the central cooling and heating. When his girlfriend came for the weekend, she blatantly told Lebron that he had to do something about the air quality. His girlfriend added that she could see dust visibly floating around the loft, which was affecting her breathing. Lebron realized that she was right. He’d been breathing the bad air all along. So, he ended up reaching out to the AC service to see if they had a solution. The AC specialist who arrived had all kinds of epic ideas for us. He said first, Lebron should change the air filters with HEPA filters. His reasoning was the AC plan was pretty aged, but it should last a few more years. The specialist said Lebron would have months to save up to get a better Air Conditioning plan that’s energy efficient. In the meantime, he said HEPA filters together with a wonderful UV air purification plan would work out considerably. Lebron opted to go for this update with a nice UV air purification plan which really helped. Lebron had amazing air quality that his girlfriend who seemed a little less hesitant to visit, loved it. She thanked Lebron for the wonderful moves. She hoped that he would invest in the right HVAC better.
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