Keeping your condo cool by simply closing the curtains or blinds

I tend to fly out to a lot sites for work… I fly at least twice per month, but this keeps me from being able to do some things at condo and from my family however my pal and I constantly make up for it, however while I was on the plane I noticed it was rather chilly.

  • They like to keep the a/c in.

They like the plane to be chilly for everyone, however especially those who are going to or coming from absolutely hot sites! As my pal and I were landing they told us that they would like us to pull down the shade to keep the plane cool. The sunshine beats in through the windows during the afternoon and can essentially heat the plane. This adds a lot of warmth to the plane. The air conditioning would also have to fight this then. That would make it harder to run. It would be a terrible thing for the air conditioning to break right after take off. Passengers would become so was then that I realized that the same thing applies to your home, you need to keep the blinds and curtains closed in the summer! Having them open let us the sunshine rays in and warms the house. It is warming the cool air you just out into your home. Then the sunshine adds the heat that the Heating & Air Conditioning system just fought so hard to put it into your home, then keep your blinds closed to prevent excess heat in your home! Keep your condo cool with this simple little trick this week!

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