It’s lights out for me

If you have watched the news of late, you think that a major area of the country is having a rough time of it weather wise.  Thankfully our area has been spared the brunt of these systems. Across the country there are snow storms, torrential rain, plus even tornados.  This is unfamiliar for this time of year but it is happening, then many of these regions have just gone through 1 to the worst hurricane seasons in recent history only to be subjected to this. My mom lives in 1 of these areas plus I get bi-weekly calls to supply myself and others the latest rain totals. All of this makes myself and others certainly thankful that my brother plus I had a whole cabin generator installed at Mom’s locale.  She never has to worry anymore about power outages or the fact that his Heating plus Air Conditioning plan won’t work. Neither of us live close enough to just go get his while every one of us were in these events so every one of us wanted to make sure he was safe. The Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer that did the job was great. We were able to arrange for everything over the iphone. They went to mom’s house, looked everything over, plus installed the generator.  They took the time to show his how everything worked plus how to manually start it if it didn’t kick on automatically. Being far away plus making the arrangements was a bit worrisome, but, the dealer was highly rated online plus had excellent buyer reviews. We now think that mom will be safe plus hot no matter the weather plus if the power is out, even for a afternoon or so, he will still be that way.

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