It’s freezing cold in here

When one of my good friends from worked asked me out on a date for saturday night, I was surprised to say the very least. He is an awesome guy who is always making all of us laugh on our breaks, so I accepted the offer. We ended up going to a place that he highly recommended, which was a restaurant in the outskirts of town. I had never heard of the place, but when we finally arrived I was instantly cold. It must have been at least 65 degrees in that place, which was annoying because we were already right in the middle of the summer. I called one of the waiters over and asked if they could turn the heated furnace on, but she said that was not possible. My date could tell that I was freezing my butt off, so offered me his coat to stay warm. Even with his coat, I was still super cold. He suggested that we could go somewhere that was a bit warmer, but I didn’t want to be a party pooper so I tried to push through the lack of heating. My date looked upset that I was so cold, and then he told me to wait a moment. After fifteen minutes, my date returned with a portable heating furnace in his hand. He put down the portable heated gas furnace on the dinner table, and I could already start to feel the warmth warm up my entire body. When I finally started to feel more warm, the date seemed to be going amazing. After dinner was over, we promised to have another date next weekend. Even though the lack of proper heating caused a mini disaster, I can’t wait for another date with this guy.

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