In the spring you can get really good HVAC tune up specials

I’m the type of person who is always looking for a good deal.

If I can’t find a really good deal on a service, then I just won’t do it! That’s my problem most of the time with getting regular maintenance and service work on my HVAC system.

I just have never been able to find a great deal on a monthly heating and cooling maintenance program. Sometimes I feel like the local HVAC companies around here are just price gouging and I hate being taken advantage of! But since spring is finally on its way and the weather is heating up at last, I think the HVAC businesses around here are finally getting the right idea. I was looking in the local newspaper last night and usually they have deals and coupons in one section and sure enough, I saw one from one of the HVAC dealers. They said that they are running a springtime air conditioning tune up special and that really caught my attention! Apparently, they are offering a central air conditioning tune up for only $59 which is a really good deal. They will check my refrigerant, test my A/C unit for leaks, check and adjust my fan belt, check all the air filters, check the thermostat, and check all of the A/C systems. I feel like all in all, that’s a pretty good deal and so I’m going to call this HVAC company and make an appointment with them. Who knows? If they can offer me a great deal on a regular maintenance plan, maybe I’ll surprise myself and sign up for that too!

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