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Spring break is a right of passage for many High School seniors and college students. Large crowds invade just about any sunny beach town there is and take over for a full week.  Businesses count on this and need to be ready to serve the young people that come to hang out. In some cases, they make more in that one week than they do in several months the rest of the year.  They need to make sure that their establishments are inviting to those who want to stop in. This means they must be decorated with exciting decor, clean, have a great sound system, and most importantly, they are cool and comfortable. This means that they need to make sure that they have a great HVAC system that will provide cooling relief from the hot sun. Many of these students who travel to these destinations live in colder climates.  They are not accustomed to the heat and sun. A few hours in the hot sun can be overwhelming and they need to be able to go inside for a break. Even the bars and restaurants in the areas make sure that they have cooling units on the patios so people can take advantage of the outside sights and be comfortable too. Spring break is a great time to make memories and let go of responsibilities for the youth of this country. Making sure it happens with comfort and safety is important for everyone involved. The communities that host this event know how important their role is in this too.

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