I’m embarrassed about insulting the HVAC worker

I guess I am the type of person who certainly needs to shove their own foot in their mouth.

I sincerely have a bad habit of speaking before I truly know & accidentally insult people when I mean no harm.

This has happened so many times with my pals, family, & romantic partners and I should be used to it by now. I absolutely should slow down the relay between my brain & my mouth rather than getting myself into warm water always. However, it’s totally too late for my heating, cooling, & air quality control service professional or our professional working relationship. The complication basically started when my respected heating & cooling service professional arrived at the property for a routine air conditioner equipment inspection. I needed my A/C equipment to be checked & repaired before the worst area of the warm & humid season settled into our region. Last year I neglected the air conditioner equipment & our utility bills were through the roof. I assume that is why I was especially shocked to see my normal heating & cooling service worker disembark from her heating, cooling, & air quality control motorcar with a rather sizable belly on her. In my defense, I hadn’t seen the heating & cooling worker in roughly 2 years. However, from the look of my air quality control Specialist’s belly, it seemed as though she had become pregnant… When I showed her the air conditioner equipment I went out of my way to make sure that she would be especially comfortable for the cooling equipment repair. Then, at the end of the appointment I actually wished her the best of luck with her family addition. My HVAC worker looked at me with nothing but confusion… Then I both came to realize that I had mistakenly thought she was pregnant. Well, I suppose I need a modern HVAC equipment worker.

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