I was getting worried

There is literally nothing more pressing for myself and others in getting a great night’s rest than a great air cooling system. I simply cannot rest up in the heat. I have also gotten so familiar to the noise of a fan motor working that it’s the 1 sure thing that will push myself and others into sleep. Some people seem to be able to rest in any environment as well as under any circumstances, with or without climate conditions control. I believe I am jealous of those people, but that’s not me and my lover at all. As an example, the power of a hurricane knocking out the electric as well as it being the dead of Summer when it happens ensures that I simply will not sleep while in a windstorm, so long as the power remains out.The final time this happened to our family, I was super angry. Not being able to get a good shower made it even worse. I would lay there at the evening time, covered in sweat in complete silence, save for the wind as well as rain blowing outside. With no great amounts of air conditioning or fans to cool myself and others down as well as drown out the quiet times, all I could do is stare up at the ceiling as well as languish in misery. At that time, a small fan blowing in our face would be better than not having anything, but of course the people I was with and I had no electric to make that happen. I really remember around dawn of the next morning of not having any electric.

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