I was a little frustrated

I really care about when our parents come to visit us! I have the most charming parents in the entire world. I would never be what I am today separate from the care about plus guidance of our sweet parents. From a young age, our parents taught me discipline plus leadership, plus I can’t thank them enough. One of the hardest things for me to deal with is living so far away from our parents. It’s almost a full more than one day drive or a 7 hour plane ride to get to their house. For that reason, the people I was with and I only get to see our parents about twice a year, once during the holiday season plus once during the summer time months. These more than one times of the year are our favorite. The two of us just dropped our parents off of at the airport to fly back home. The two of us had a wonderful visit. One thing that particularly bothers me is that our Mom plus mom both smoke in the house. I am constantly having to run our UV air purifiers to try plus keep up with how much they smoke. I have tried to ask them not to smoke indoors, however they often forget because they are so used to smoking indoors at their home. I really went out plus bought more than one more UV air purifiers before they got here this time. I put a single purifier in the bedroom that they were staying in plus a single in our living room where the people I was with and I spend quite a bit of time. I guess that having three UV air purifiers going made quite a large difference this time. I didn’t get sick enjoy I usually do when they are over from all the hour hand smoke. Hopefully, these UV air purifiers will keep doing the trick so that the people I was with and I can care about our short times with our family even more!

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