I think that is far from the truth

It is finally cool enough outside for our favorite mountains to start making snow! I didn’t feel it would be so soon, but this near record-breaking cold front had me waxing our board to hit the slopes just last weekend. I didn’t feel the powder would be any fine yet, but it turns out snow making has gotten a lot better in the past several years. Even separate from having gotten any major snowfall yet, the mountain had the perfect amount of snow to ride separate from getting too slick. Occasionally if the temperature is off, it can make an ice sheen which also isn’t the safest to ride on. However, they perfectly balanced the temperature with this batch. I was enjoying myself so much that I didn’t realize how long I was out for until I went into the lodge for supper plus a hot drink. The hour I stepped inside, our whole face hurt plus so did our hands. I didn’t realize I’d lost feeling in them! Fortunately the indoor air pollen levels at this mountain is awesome thanks to the enjoyable Heating plus Air Conditioning system. The fantastic heating plus cooling is one of the more than 2 reasons I keep coming back to this mountain in particular. It was so sizzling that I was unzipping a jacket after just getting our hot cocoa plus finding a seat while I waited for our food to be brought to me. Though our face plus hands hurt while the blood got moving again, the central heating method was so efficient than in no time our hands plus face were toasty plus sizzling again.

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