I should probably check the unit

I have suffered from bad allergies since i was a child. I could barely play outside without sneezing and having watery eyes. My outdoor allergies aren’t even the worse, it is my indoor allergies that are. They are painful. I live with two cats but if my air quality is poor, they can trigger my allergies.I have a central HVAC system installed in my home, and it is important I maintain it. Twice a year I make sure that my HVAC unit is in excellent working order. I also have my ducts inspected. With air systems, if ducts are dirty they can cause pollutants. I’m always mindful of my allergies and always keep my ducts cleaned. Keeping my ducts clean is a smart way to ensure that they are not transferring dust and allergens around my house. The most important task I do relating to my HVAC system is change my filters regularly. I change my filters at least once a month. HVAC filters can get clogged when there is a lot of  garbage in them like dust, dirt, pollen, pet hair and other pollutants. Changing these filters keeps my air cleaner, which keeps the pain away and me happy. Changing my HVAC filter also keeps my system working efficiently. If HVAC filters aren’t changed regularly, it can cause major issues. I am very thorough when maintaining my HVAC system,especially with bad allergies. Talk to your HVAC provider for some tips on how to improve your indoor air quality. It is important, especially if you suffer from allergies.