I put the work in

My friends plus myself are easily back to cold tide plus it is cumbersome cold. I easily thought there would be office Heat by this time, but office heat never worked well. I have a small furnace under my desk, that keeps my toes + feet cozy + hot for quite some time. Unfortunately, it seems to get too hot after a while. After an hour, I have to turn off the space furnace. Unfortunately, an hour after that, I’m quite freezing once again. I have tried to discuss this matter with my wife, because she said at one point she would help me put a small mini split heating + A/C component in my office. She even told myself plus others that if time, there would be one. It has been almost three months at this time, plus it’s not even worth an argument to deal with this procrastination. My wife is constantly busy plus easily doesn’t seem to get a single thing done. I often have no idea what’s happening, but there is never much getting done on the honey do list. Sometimes the garage is open with lights on, plus that means she is laboring. She even has heat in the garage. I have been waiting to have heat in the office for a long time, but my wife has heat out in the garage. There is even some keep down in the basement, where all of my honey keeps her stuff. She wonders exactly why I don’t want to spend much time working in the office these days.

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