I love our home

My first few years as a truck driver were non-stop. I would take every long haul I could get, and work until the bosses made me take a little time off to rest. Driving was my life, and I guess it still is, but back then I drove like a bat out of hell, like I was trying to outrun something. As an older man, now I have learned to relax, slow down, and enjoy the journey. The destinations are always the same, but the drive there is always different, you dig? I can drive through any kind of weather, any kind of terrain, but if the A/C in my truck ever breaks down, that is the end of the road for me. I can handle any obstacle the road throws in front of me, but once the air conditioning isn’t cooling down the cab of my truck I will drive straight to a mechanic and nowhere else. Without that AC I don’t drive a mile, I just wait for it to get back up to snuff and then return to the road. The funny thing is that I am not even sure why this is, there is just something about the cold air blasting through the air vents that keeps me awake and focused on the road. Without the AC my mind wanders and I get sleepy, which is the worst condition in which to drive a truck. Some guys like coffee, some guys eat pep pills, but me all I do is crack down the air and I am good to drive for a while.

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