I know the type

Several of my co-workers as well as myself have certainly begun to realize how poor our brick ranch air quality has become. Ever since the lot next door started construction, the two of us have had poor indoor air quality. Several people have noticed a lot of dust buildup in our break room, as well as every time the furnace as well as A/C device starts working, we can clearly see lots of specks of dust in the sunny are. The two of us have spoken with a few people about these issues as well as it seems like other people in the area are having the same issues. Since the indoor air quality is not going to change for some time, our boss decided to help us out by adding an air purifier in our office. The small portable air purifier helps out whenever the furnace as well as A/C device is running. The two of us have that air purifier running 24 hours each day as well as 24 hours each week. It has certainly provided a much better indoor air quality, ever since we started using the air purifier. The two of us certainly prefer this type of indoor air quality, over the rest. If the two of us could get our boss to add a nice smart thermostat, then everything would be perfect for the furnace as well as A/C device. The two of us might not ever have a reason to search out another job, if they made the place so comfortable that none of us would want to leave.