I know a service provider is needed

During the summer was when I learned that the movie industry isn’t as flashy and lavish as I thought at one point. I didn’t learn this from watching a few documentaries myself, but I was able to live like a movie star for a few weeks. Well, not really a star. I was working as an extra in a major film that’s due to come out sometime next year. I was able to get into costume complete with hair and makeup, even some prosthetics. Then I got to act on camera. My favorite part was taking advantage of the crafts tent. It has a portable air conditioning unit that provided a much overheated cast and crew with pleasantly cool air. The part that was less than amusing was performing the same scene over and over again because the stars were dealing with script issues every take. It wasn’t the repetition I was minding, it was the fact that we were shooting outside in the summer. On top of that, there wasn’t event a hint of a breeze that day. I wished for the craft tent where I could relish in the lovely AC from that portable air conditioning unit. I was sweating bullets into my costume to the point where my makeup was running off. Then my mind wandered to my house and its wonderful central air conditioning that could cool my entire home in minutes. I continually told myself that the scene would be worth it, plus I could set my home to cool on my drive home. That was possible because I had a smart thermostat in my house. It was hooked up to my phone, so I could adjust it whenever I wanted. I hope the finished product of the film looks amazing, and I hope my scene makes the cut!

air and heat